Why Horse Hair?

preventing dust mites, a common cause of breathing disorders and allergic reactions. All of our products are machine washable, some of which are small enough to be washed in a standard domestic washing machine, and other products that are able to disassemble into modular compartments. Since horsehair does not absorb moisture, the pieces can simply be air dried.

             Our products come from Moosburger, an Austrian based 100 year old family business. Moosburger believes in using only the highest quality components and finest craftsmanship in their production. Moosburger solely utilizes organic products when manufacturing, avoiding all the harmful chemicals commonly found in other mattresses. For more product detail, please view the Moosburger website here.

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Horsehair has been used as an upholstery material and furniture filling for hundreds of years. The reason it is such a superior product is due its ability to wick away moisture, allow air to pass through it, and the fact that it is 100% organic. The dry microclimate it creates resolves the issue of unwanted moisture during sleep, as well as