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All Natural and Organic Horsehair Mattresses

hypoallergenic/chemical free 

Your choice of mattress is one of the most important purchases that you will make. We know that the quality of our sleep is the basis of a healthy and happy life. Sleep on natural comfort with moosburger® mattresses, toppers and pillows.
moosburger® products are handcrafted with only two, 100% natural materials, organic cotton and horsehair. No metal, no foam, no latex, nor any harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, making Moosburger® products a healthy and environmentally friendly choice - perfect for those with allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Moosburger® the ultimate in organic sleeping surfaces.
Encased in an organic cotton damask cover, each handmade adult size pillow contains naturally sterilized, hypoallergenic cattle hair. The cattle hair filling is more pliable than horsehair and provides a firm yet comfortable support. The filling is easily accessed so that it can be redistributed or reduced to accommodate your individual comfort.​

Mold and dust mite resistant. Our pillows are machine washable.





 We invite you to view the Moosburger video of their factory and operation in Austria.